DOTC Organization

Executive Committee

Government Co-Chair: Mr. Dale Ormond [View Bio]

NAC Co-Chair: Diana-Lynn Herbst [View Bio]

Department of Defense
NAC Logo

COL Garry Haase - AFRL-Eglin

Ms. Christi Dolbeer - AMRDEC

Mr. John Hedderich - ARDEC

Dr. Jeff Zabinski - ARL

Mr. Dave Devine - NAVAIR

Ms. Joan Johnson - NAWC-CL

Mr. Mike Till - NSWC-DD

Mr. Ashley Johnson - NSWC-IH

Mr. Karl Rozelsky - SOCOM

National Armaments Consortium
NAC Logo

Mr. Tim Eden - Penn State [View Bio]

Dr. Paritosh Dave - Leidos [View Bio]

Mr. Rollie Dohrn - Orbital ATK [View Bio]

Mr. Dan Hartman - Spectra Technologies [View Bio]

Mr. Craig Witte - Merrill Technologies Group [View Bio]

Mr. James Miller - Dynetics, Inc. [View Bio]

Mr. Joe Buzzett - General Dynamics, OTS [View Bio]

Mr. Karl Lewis - Lewis M&T

Ms. Wendy Hummers - NTS [View Bio]

Mr. Dave Turovsky - Polymer Tech [View Bio]

Program Director

Mr. Donald A Geiss, Jr

OPS Manager

Dr. Jyothi Krishnan

Administrative Officer

Ms. Laura Baker

Lead Financial Analyst

Ms. Darlene Hopler)

Financial Analyst

Ms. Krystina Palumbo

Technology Managers

Ms. Lynda Ru

Mr. Samuel Joisil

Mr. Vinh Vo

Mr. Michael Jacopino

Mr. Ryan Ordemann

Mr. Killolkumar Parikh

Mr. Jeffrey Krug

Mr. Arroyal Garner

Single Point Contracting Process

  1. Requirements Definition
  2. Annual Technology Plan is Developed
  3. ATI (Consortium Management Firm) Issues Solicitation to Industry
  4. Industry Enhanced Whitepapers Submitted to ATI
  5. Government Performs Technical Evaluation and Source Selection
  6. ATI Awards Initiatives and Work Begins