The following initiatives have been awarded under the DOTC Other Transaction Agreements (OTA). Please check periodically for any updates.

Project #Research AreaProject TitleDOTC MemberProject Value
2308 INIT 0002ENT-23-007Cannon Fired Artillery Defeating Poorly Located Targets in Unique EnvironmentsBAE Systems$15.44 M
2307 INIT 0009AMM-23-010TSC Next Generation APSTechnology Service Corporation$5.25 M
2307 INIT 0019WLM-23-002 Advanced Area Denial Lethal Mechanisms Dynetics, Inc.$11.94 M
2301 INIT 0005ENR-23-001 FMR Supercharge for ERCA 155mm Weapon System General Dynamics-OTS, Inc.$64.50 M
2302 INIT 0004WPN-23-001 Universal Machine-Gun Performance Instrument for Repeatable Evaluations (UMPIRE) Colorado School of Mines$2.50 M
2304 INIT 0010ENT-23-004 Munitions Delivered Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR) Sense and Attack SRC, Inc.$14.92 M
2304 INIT 0001DEW-23-001 New Generation Compact, Modular HPM Cannon Eureka Aerospace, Inc.$10.30 M
2307 INIT 0033ENT-23-008 Enhanced Strike Up / Strike Down System McCormick Stevenson Corporation$0.39 M
2307 INIT 0034ENT-23-008 Assisted Canisters Rearming Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc.$0.25 M
2206 INIT 0002WPN-22-00150mm Prototype Weapon W16279 - WPN-22-001Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation$35.68 M
2211 INIT 0011AMM-22-010 New Hypervelocity Projectile for Air and Missile DefenseBAE Systems Land & Armaments$97.38 M
2211 INIT 0015WPN-22-004 New Large Caliber Wheeled Artillery Armament System BAE Systems Information and Electronic Systems Integration, Inc$82.52 M
2211 INIT 0025WPN-22-003 DOTC WPN-22-003 20mm Prototype Weapon Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation$15.11 M
2307 INIT 0044AMM-23-008 Battery Technology for Medium Caliber Ammunition EnerSys Advanced Systems$6.17 M
2209 INIT 0001WPN-22-002Prototype Loader Assist and Ammunition Storage Manufacturing DevelopmentD&G Machine Products, Inc.$7.99 M
2209 INIT 0009WPN-22-002Prototype Loader Assist and Ammunition Storage Manufacturing DevelopmentMerrill Technologies Group$9.82 M
2301 INIT 0001AMM-22-012 Demonstration of an Idaho Based Antimony Trisulfide Domestic Supply Chain Perpetua Resources Idaho, Inc.$15.54 M
2205 INIT 0006FUZ-22-001Design for Advanced Prox Fuze Radar Performance in Contested EnvironmentsUniversity of Florida Board of Trustees$4.24 M
2202 INIT 0001AMM-21-012Small Caliber Ammunition Improvements and Production TransitionConcurrent Technologies Corporation$16.61 M
2211 INIT 0008DEM-22-002Prototype Disassembly and RP Disposition Process for the MK6 SignalGradient Technology$3.69 M
2201 INIT 0023WLM-21-001Novel Multi-Purpose Warhead Design and TestingNorthrop Grumman Systems Corporation$4.86 M
2201 INIT 0014WPN-21-008Next Generation ESSM Launching SystemBAE Systems Information and Electronic Systems Integration, Inc$35.19 M
2207 INIT 0005AMM-22-005Improved Continuously Guided 57mm ProjectileNorthrop Grumman Systems Corporation$34.41 M
2204 INIT 0003ENT-22-002Firestorm AI OTANorthrop Grumman Systems Corporation$13.19 M
2201 INIT 0005ENT-21-010Resilient to Evolutionary Threats while initializing Navigators with APNTGPS Source$9.14 M
2205 INIT 0008PAS-22-001DOTC-22-05 PAS-22-001 EODVOD Trident Solutions Group SubmissionTrident, LLC$11.75 M
2109 INIT 0030SSS-21-001Precision Fires Radar and Data LinkTechnovative Applications$76.02 M
2201 INIT 0002WLM-21-001Novel Multi-Purpose Warhead Design and TestingAmerican Systems Corporation$9.80 M
2202 INIT 0004AMM-21-012Development, Integration, and Fielding of Next Gen Small Caliber AmmunitionJAKTOOL LLC$28.67 M
2109 INIT 0030SSS-21-001Precision Fires Radar and Data LinkTechnovative Applications$76.02 M
2108 INIT 0005AMM-21-004155mm Artillery Canister ProjectileGeneral Dynamics OTS (Aerospace), Inc.$0.49 M
2108 INIT 0011AMM-21-004Raytheon's 155mm Artillery Canister ProjectileRaytheon Company$17.69 M
2109 INIT 0019WPN-21-007C-UAS Precision Fire Control Radar SystemSRC, Inc.$24.40 M
2202 INIT 0011ENT-22-001Fast NAVWAR Impact Assessment for Fires DecisionsIntegrated Solutions for Systems (IS4S)$8.27 M
2204 INIT 0012ENT-22-002Enhanced AI Decision Aid System for FirestormPolaris Alpha Advanced Systems, Inc.$8.00 M
2106 INIT 0018ENT-21-007155mm Artillery Advanced Design and Manufacturing ProcessesSAVIT Corporation$9.99 M
2106 INIT 0019ENT-21-007Modular Concepts for Extended Range Cargo ProjectileNorthrop Grumman Systems Corporation$14.84 M
2108 INIT 0013AMM-21-004155mm Artillery Canister Projectile RWP:DOTC-21-08 REQ ID:AMM-21-004Northrop Grumman Corporation$18.49 M
2204 INIT 0001ENT-22-002Enabling Technologies for FIRESTORM AIFD Software Enterprises LLC$7.92 M
2106 INIT 0006ENT-21-007Extended Range 155 mm Munition Powered by SFRDEInnoveering LLC$9.95 M
2201 INIT 0020ENT-21-003Improvements to Electrochemical Machining for Large Caliber Boring and RiflingVoxel Innovations Inc.$0.37 M
2106 INIT 0027ENT-21-006Base Bleed Grain Production Efficiencies for Extended RangeNammo Defense Systems, Inc.$9.87 M
2109 INIT 0005AMM-21-007Next Generation Lightweight Ammunition PackagingSAVIT Corporation$4.50 M
2106 INIT 0003WPN-21-002C2489_DOTC WPN-21-002 Medium Caliber Weapon SystemGeneral Dynamics-OTS, Inc.$36.55 M
2108 INIT 0007ENR-21-002Pyrotechnic Training SimulatorsSAIC$1.99 M
2106 INIT 0005ENT-21-001Firestorm Decision AidsRobotic Research, LLC$8.99 M
1904 INIT 4020WPN-19-04-014DOTC-19-04-INIT4020; Manufacturing Development of Artillery Gun Mount SystemsMerrill Technologies Group$36.36 M
1904 INIT 4204AMM-19-04-051DOTC-19-04-INIT4204; 40MM Extended Range Guided MunitionATK (Northrop Grumman)$24.76 M
1904 INIT 4475ENT-19-04-015Intelligent Tactical and Expeditionary PowerPolaris Alpha$14.99 M
1904 INIT 4484ENR-19-04-019DOTC-19-04-INIT4484; CL-20 Based High-Performance ExplosivesNorthrop Grumman$2.52 M
1904 INIT 4510WPN-19-04-026DOTC-19-04-INIT4510; Enhanced Networked Munitions Prototype (ENMP)Polaris Alpha$9.99 M
1904 INIT 4629WPN-19-04-049DOTC-19-04-INIT4629; Dynamic Test & Evaluation Prototype Simulators (DTEPS)DHPC Technologies, Inc.$6.10 M
1904 INIT 4637DEW-19-04-011DOTC-19-04-INIT4637; Modular Integrated Power System (MIPS) DemonstratorGeneral Technical Services, LLC$14.50 M
1904 INIT 4820WPN-19-04-009Counter UAS Defense and Surveillance SystemsLiteye Systems, Inc.$12.14 M
1904 INIT 4900WPN-19-04-007Semi-Autonomous Fire Control SystemDHPC Technologies, Inc.$9.84 M
1904 INIT 4589ENT-19-04-015DOTC-19-04-INIT4589; Next Generation Power Component System (NGPCS)General Technical Services, LLC$15.00 M
1904 INIT 4781AMM-19-04-006DOTC-19-04-INIT4781; LIGHTWEIGHT SMALL CALIBER AMMUNITION – POLYMER (LSCA-P) 7.62mm M80A1 and M62A1PCP Tactical$5.68 M
1904 INIT 4496SSS-19-04-001COE Warfighting FunctionsPolaris Alpha$9.00 M
1904 INIT 4732WPN-19-04-050Fire Control Software Prototype (FCSP)Nexagen Networks, Inc.$3.74 M
2105 INIT 0009PAS-21-001Modular Single Approach Payload for EOD Robotics Platforms (M-SAP)SAVIT Corporation$9.92 M
2106 INIT 0015WPN-21-006Design West Technologies-M240 Weapon Mount-WPN-21-006Design West Technologies, Inc$0.49 M
1904 INIT 4499SSS-19-04-002Command Post Computing Environment (CPCE) Enhanced NetworkPolaris Alpha$9.00 M
1904 INIT 4537AMM-19-04-027Advanced Medium Caliber AmmunitionMATSYS, Inc.$1.00 M
1904 INIT 4560ENT-19-04-038Fabrication of Mold Die SetsAugustine Die & Mold, Inc. (ADM, Inc.)$0.43 M
2105 INIT 0037WPN-21-001Advanced 155mm Muzzle Brake & Elevating Mast TechnologiesAmerican Rheinmetall Munitions, Inc.$2.52 M